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Well this was an unusual location for a hen party! This group of hens had opted for luxury camping weekend on a beautiful farm near Kideminster, Worcestershire.

I had been hired by Hens with Pens to deliver a Life Drawing session for this group of ladies. When I got there Louise the tutor had already been warming up the hens with some practise exercises where they were drawing each other.

There was a hot tub outside and the tent was beautiful. The first think I wanted to do was take a tour and look around the structure. It looked like it might have been custom made from thick canvas. It had a wood burner inside and all the amenities everybody needed including fitted kitchen and bathroom and bedrooms.

There were insteresting bunk beds inside wooden pods which were very cosy. Considering it was a tent it was definitely more luxurious than the average house!

It was a small group but they had plenty of energy! They’d already been enjoying themselves in the hot tub and had been doing other out door activities.

If I didn’t have to get going I would have very happily stayed and got in the hot tub with them!

As you can see from the sketches they produced some great art and they all enjoyed themselves.

Once the session was complete we got a nice group photo and I said goodbye.

Ben Lowrey

Buff Butler & Life Drawing Model