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Today I was life modelling for a hen party in Bath! On this occasion I was working for groovesandmoves.co.uk

This bunch were very fun, and a few of the girls had studied art at college, there was one graphic designer in the group who had some great skills. Even the people with no artistic background had a good time and drew some great sketches.

Sian was the art tutor for this session and Sian always gets me to do fun and interesting poses for the girls! We even got the bride posing with me so her friends could draw us both.

Life Drawing is a fun an tasteful form of hen party entertainment, everybody always has fun and even though there might be some giggles and some blushing at first, everybody always has a goof time.



The Ring o Bells in Bath has a beautiful function room which is very spacious and private, perfect for a life drawing session. It also has some good downlighting which make for some interesting shadows on the body,


We even got the bride and her mum both modelling with me for one of the poses!

The girls had more activities planned for the day but life drawing is a perfect gentle day time activity, perfect for a Saturday morning hangover!

Bath has a lot to offer and is a perfect hen party destination.

Ben Lowrey