Hen Party Life Drawing activity in Bristol

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This evening I was life modelling for a hen party is Bristol for Hens with Pens.

It was a surprise for the bride so I snuck in and made a big entrance once I had changed. 

The weekend townhouse where they were staying in Stokes Croft was a place I had visited before and so I knew what to expect.

Amanda had already been readying the girls with some portrait sketches which they were practising on each other.

It was fairly late in the evening and so they’d already eaten and the champaign was flowing.

The hens drew some extremely high quality sketches.


I did several poses of varying lengths for the girls and they all had fun.

Tory was ever so eager to have a photo taken!

We got a group photo before Me and Amanada said our goodbyes and left them to it.

I also provide Buff Butler and Fire Spinning (if therea safe space)

Ben Lowrey



Hen Party Life Drawing activity – Bristol & Bath area 

Today I visited Chew Magna near Bristol to deliver a Life Drawing session for a group of Hens who were staying in Old North Chew Farm in Chew Magna.

That had already been enjoying Cocktail making activities and so were well into their weekend.

I was working for Hen with Pens on this occasion and was joined by Amanda who was the Art Tutor.

When I got to the door I was greeted by a sign which said Keep Calm its a Hen Party!

The activity was a surprise for the bride and she was taken back at first.

Once we sat everybody down the girls did some very nice sketches even though it did take a while for them to stop giggling (Stacey!)

Vicky did some fantastic sketches as you can see here.

The girls had more activities planned in Bath and so once we’d finished the life drawing session we got a group photo with everybody holding  their sketches and left them too their weekend.

They almost asked me to stay as a Buff Butler but I don’t think it would have fitted with their plans. 

Ben Lowrey 

Bristol & Bath



Buff Butler Hen Party in Gloucester!

Hen Party Buff Butler - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

This evening I traveled to Gloucester for a Hen Party in a fabulous downstairs bar.

We played lots of drinking games and everybody had fun!

This group had a vintage makeover and they were all looking fabulous. They had their hair and makeup done in vintage style.

I made sure I chatted to everybody and got to know their names. It inspired me to get on eBay and buy some more great fun props for more games next time!

It had been a long day for me because I’d already been life modeling in Bath for previous hen parties that day!

These girls had also booked a tarrot reader which was an unusual choice of entertainment but it made the evening more interesting!

What’s nice is the mums and aunties joined in not just the young girls!

Everybody had a great time.

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Life Drawing Session in Btistol, Bath, Gloucester, Somerset, Swindon or Cardiff, get I touch.

Ben Lowrey