Buff Butler Hen Party at Parks Court Upton Scudamore nr Warminster

Wow what a location! Parks court was one of the most impressive mansions I’d ever seen for a hen party! It had huge beautiful gardens, a massive living room (more like a great hall), open fire, a comfortable dining room and goodness knows how many bedrooms and out buildings. 

It was a beautiful sunny day when I arrived at the gates. The girls had booked me as a surprise for their friend’s hen party and I was working for Hunks in Trunks on this occasion.

The bride’s sister sneaked me into the house so I could get changed and then I made a big entrance and presented the bride with a glass of Champaign.

The girls were lots of fun. We were playing drinking games from the get-go.

It didn’t take them long to get me doing handstands as you can see from the pictures!

The girls had booked a Chef through Hunks in Trunks and so it was my job to serve them food.

The meal was fantastic and the girls were very happy.

The only trouble was we wanted to play more drinking games after dinner but unfortunately had to leave t attend t another booking in Bath! I would have been very happy to stay to help with more games.

We made sure we got plenty of photos and I thanked them for having me then went on my way.

It was a lovely bunch and I was very glad to meet them.

Ben Lowrey

Hen Party Buff Buyler and Life Dawing model. 

Bristol Buff Butler Hen Party at Box Hedge Farm B&B

This group of girls were fantastic fun they didn’t take any encouraging! Myself and Carl were working for Hunks in Trunks on this occasion. 

The Bride was super surprised when we walked in with a tray of shots and Champaign!

The girls had just finished eating dinner and were ready for some some games!

We got them to write down their most embarrassing moments and put them into a hat. We then chose each confession  and the bride had to guess who it was. If she guessed correct then the person drank a shot but if she guessed wrong then she had to drink!

The girls were from South Wales and had not told the bride where they were staying so it was all a complete surprise.

Finally we wrote dares and put them into a hat and whoever was unable to pick up the toilet role using their teeth had to do a dare!

We made sure the hens were topped up with drinks at all times.

Unfortunately it was only a 1 hour booking so the hour flew by and we would have loved to have stayed longer.

Ben Lowrey

Hen party Buff Butler and Life Drawing model.



Hen Party Butler in the Buff in Bath

This could be the most enjoyable hen party I’ve ever done. The girls were incredibly sweet and friendly and they’d organised myself and Simon to surprise their friend with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

We were working for Hunks in Trunks on this occasion.

They’d taken great care to keep us a secret and Sophie the bride was genuinely surprised. 

After we’d poured everybody a drink we began the drinking games. We were pinning willies on the butler (blindfolded of course), competing to throw hoops on to willies (not real ones!), basically anything to do with Champaign chocolate blindfolds and willies! 

We even got talking about Yoga and Handstands and we decided to start practising handstands in the kitchen! (Not usually a great idea but I am a professional handstand teacher and I know how to spot people safely so they can’t fall over)

The house they had rented was a beautiful holiday home (mansion) in Bath and it was walking distance from the town centre.

Simon the other butler was a delight to work with a very charming man who was great to be around.

After we’d all had fun for over an hour and got to know each other it was time to say goodbye and leave the girls to enjoy the rest of their evening.

Thanks guys!

Ben Lowrey

Hen party Buff Butler and Life Drawing Model. 

For Hunks in Trunks 

Buff Butler in Cardiff for Spartan Butlers Hen Party

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Today I was working for Spartan Butlers at this fantastic Hen Party in Cardiff South Wales!

I was a surprise for the bride and I was snuck into the house so I could get changed and then make a big entrance!

The girls had chosen to dress up as super heros and they had already been partying for hours when I got there. They were already in a vey good mood!

I was asked to make cocktails all evening for the hens which I was very happy to do. They had already prepared all the ingredients I would need and then it was my job to make sure everybody stayed topped up!

We had lots in common because they were all avid Gym go-ers and we chatted for ages about the various classes they attend.

Some of the girls were dancers and fitness instructors and the bride was particularly interested in AcroYoga and circus aerial. A perfect group for me since I love all those things!

The group were a pleasure to be with, they were lots of fun.

Ben Lowrey – Bristol

Hen Party Buff Butler & Life Drawing Model.


Buff Butler in Bristol for Hen Party

Hen Party activities & entertainment in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cotwolds, Swindon, Somerset, Cardiff. Buff Butler & Male Life Model for Hen Party Life Drawing sessions - 07747571426 - benlowrey@me.com - www.henpartyentertainment.co.uk

Well this group of girls did not need any encouragement! They had already been drinking since the afternoon and my party games only made them more high energy!

 I arrived in secret to surprise the Bride. One of the girls sneaked me into a spare bedroom so I could get changed into my Buff Butler outfit. They had rented a great house using Air BnB.

The hens were very friendly and definitely in the mood for a party! They had been doing “It’s a knockout” in Bristol all afternoon so they were eager to get dressed up and enjoy the evening by the time I got there.

After I made my big entrance I made sure everybody had drinks and we played some games. It all flowed very smoothly and they were egging me on as much as I was them!

Ben Lowrey

Hen Party Buff Buter, Cocktails & Life Drawing.

Bristol & Bath


Buff Butler Hen Party Entertainment in Bath

This was my first booking for hunksintrunks.co.uk! I was very keen to entertain this group of girls in their weekend holiday house and make a good impression! I prepared extra drinking games for this 3 hour booking to ensure this hen party received plenty of bang for their buck!

When I got there the girls had been enjoying the hot tub and settling into the house. Their Chinese takeout arrived soon after me so once I’d introduced myself to everybody I helped with the food and pouring drinks.

The hens were in and out of the hot tub but it was so cold outside it was difficult to bare!

After we’d finished with dinner it was time for some games. I helped make some cocktails which was a lot of fun because I was learning on the job and somebody the girls were helping me.

There was a range of ages including school friends, work colleagues, neighbours, mum, mother in law and an aunt. I can assure you the older ladies are not shy and in many cases are the most confident!

We played the twerking game, the cucumber game, the balloon game, the cock fighting game, the cellotape game, and more.

It’s amazing how fast 3 hours flys by when everybody is having fun!

It was a pleasure to meet this group and I was very glad to be working with Hunks in Trunks that evening.

If you would like to book a Buff Butler visit hunksintrunks.co.uk

Or if you would like to book a Life Drawing workshop or Cocktail Making workshop for your hen party then contact me directly

Ben Lowrey



Bristol – Bath – Somerset – Swindon – Cardiff – Gloucester – Cotwolds

Buff Butler Hen Party in Bristol – Montpellier

Hen Party Buff Butler - Bristol - Bath

Today was my first job working for www.spartanbutlers.co.uk . This group of hens had traveled from all parts of the country to celebrate their friend’s final few months of freedom in Bristol.

They had hired a weekend house in the Montpellier area of Bristol which was packed full of quirky shabby chique furniture.

Hen Party Buff Butler – Bristol – Bath

The girls had dressed up in costume and I was a complete surprise for the bride. Only a few of the bridesmaids knew I was booked.

After I had spent time introducing myself I made sure everybody was topped up with bubbly and we began with the games.


We began with the toilet paper wedding dress game,  the twerking game, the inflatable …. weapons .. game, and many more.

A few of the hens had traveled far and arrived late and I made sure they settled in and relaxed as soon as possible.

I even demonstrated a handstand for the girls (after I’d got dressed!).


This was a lot of fun and I got to know the group very quickly. One of the girls was training for a boxing fight and was on a strict diet and was planning to go for a run in the morning! One of the girls was about to begin her own hand bag design business which she hoped to get stocked in major stores.

I was working for www.spartanbutlers.co.uk

Ben Lowrey

Life Drawing Model and Buff Butler


Buff Butler Hen Party entertainment in Bristol!

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Wow what a hen party! This group of girls had decided to visit Bristol for the weekend and in amongst all the other activities they decided to have afternoon tea at Cox and Balony, a boutique tea shop in central Bristol.


I was hired as a Buff Butler for a few hours whilst the girls had tea, cocktails scones & cakes.

There were also hair stylists pampering the girls and doing their hair in vintage style ready for their night out in Bristol.

They had booked an evening at a secret cocktail bar in Bristol, the kind of place where you have to knock on the door.

I spent at least the first hour chatting to the guests, pouring bubbly, and making sure everybody had everything they wanted.

Cox and Bolony offers homemade cocktails which are made from the flavours of fruit teas, distilled into a sweet syrup and then mixed with vodka. Very unique.

I was a little cold when I got there because the changing room is in a storage space, I got into my Butler outfit and then when the time was right I greatest the Bride with a glass of champaign.

It was great fun being around these hens as some of them were from the local area and so we had lots in common. One of the hair stylists even recognised me from the gym!

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Hen Party Life Drawing session then get in touch.

Ben Lowrey



Buff Butler Hen Party in Gloucester!

Hen Party Buff Butler - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

This evening I traveled to Gloucester for a Hen Party in a fabulous downstairs bar.

We played lots of drinking games and everybody had fun!

This group had a vintage makeover and they were all looking fabulous. They had their hair and makeup done in vintage style.

I made sure I chatted to everybody and got to know their names. It inspired me to get on eBay and buy some more great fun props for more games next time!

It had been a long day for me because I’d already been life modeling in Bath for previous hen parties that day!

These girls had also booked a tarrot reader which was an unusual choice of entertainment but it made the evening more interesting!

What’s nice is the mums and aunties joined in not just the young girls!

Everybody had a great time.

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Life Drawing Session in Btistol, Bath, Gloucester, Somerset, Swindon or Cardiff, get I touch.

Ben Lowrey