Epic Hen Party life drawing activity in Bath!

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

Well this was a super fun group of hens! And they produced some great quality sketches too! They had rented an enormous country Manor House near Bath called Week Farm Monor which was extremely luxurious. I was working for Henswithpens.com on this occasion and Amanda was our Art Tutor.

The size and luxury of this house really struck me. The group was large and it easily accommodated a group of 20 with it’s huge hot tub and acres of land.

I gave these hens a range of unusual poses to draw. They already had a Buff Butler the night before! I was slightly jealous since I would have loved to have served drinks in this house. I quizzed them on what he did and they told me he was well behaved and did the dishes!

Whilst I was there I took a few photos of the beautiful house. The hens were very modest and thought their sketches were terrible but actually were very good.

I had another hen party booking that afternoon in central Bath so I had to leave as soon as we were finished. It’s a shame I had to rush off as I would have invited myself to have a go in the hot tub!

The girls had a lot of fun and they had a great weekend overall. Bath is after all a great city to visit for a hen party weekend.

Ben Lowrey

Buff Butler & Life Drawing Model



Hen Party Entertainment in Cheltenham – Life Drawing! 

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

This is possibly the best fun I’ve had in a while. This group of hens were really enjoying themselves in a beautiful large mansion they had rented for the weekend in Cheltenham. I was a surprise for the bride and I was working for henswithpens.com on this occasion.

The girls had been warming up with some practise exercises when I arrived but they had no idea what to expect. Penny the art tutor snuck me in so I could get ready without the girls noticing.

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com
Hen Party Life Drawing – Bristol – Bath – 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

When the moment was right the Bride was blindfolded and I snuck into the room ready to strike the first pose. After some giggles and introductions and some drawing instructions from Penny, we got going with the first sketch.

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com
Hen Party Life Drawing – Bristol – Bath – 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

The girls were very merry from whatever they’d already been drinking. It was a large group with around 20 women. They had already been clay pigeon shooting that day and had celebrated the night before with a meal in the house. (Did I mention the house had a hot tub!?)

The girls produced some fantastic sketches and there was a lot of characters in the room. The mother of the bride even had a clay skulpting table and she decided to skulpt me out of clay rather than draw me!

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com
Hen Party Life Drawing – Bristol – Bath – 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

I would have loved to have stayed longer and been a Buff Butler for them too but I already had other plans arranged for that night.

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com
Hen Party Life Drawing – Bristol – Bath – 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

It was a delight to entertain this hen party and they were very welcoming made it a lot of fun for me (with plenty of flattering compliments about my body!)

Ben Lowrey – Buff Butler and Life  Drawing Model. Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cotswolds, Swindon, Somerset, Cardiff.



Buff Butler Hen Party entertainment in Bristol!

Hen Party Buff Butler - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

Wow what a hen party! This group of girls had decided to visit Bristol for the weekend and in amongst all the other activities they decided to have afternoon tea at Cox and Balony, a boutique tea shop in central Bristol.


I was hired as a Buff Butler for a few hours whilst the girls had tea, cocktails scones & cakes.

There were also hair stylists pampering the girls and doing their hair in vintage style ready for their night out in Bristol.

They had booked an evening at a secret cocktail bar in Bristol, the kind of place where you have to knock on the door.

I spent at least the first hour chatting to the guests, pouring bubbly, and making sure everybody had everything they wanted.

Cox and Bolony offers homemade cocktails which are made from the flavours of fruit teas, distilled into a sweet syrup and then mixed with vodka. Very unique.

I was a little cold when I got there because the changing room is in a storage space, I got into my Butler outfit and then when the time was right I greatest the Bride with a glass of champaign.

It was great fun being around these hens as some of them were from the local area and so we had lots in common. One of the hair stylists even recognised me from the gym!

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Hen Party Life Drawing session then get in touch.

Ben Lowrey



Hen Party Life Drawing Fun Activity in Bath

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

Today I was life modelling for a hen party in Bath! On this occasion I was working for groovesandmoves.co.uk

This bunch were very fun, and a few of the girls had studied art at college, there was one graphic designer in the group who had some great skills. Even the people with no artistic background had a good time and drew some great sketches.

Sian was the art tutor for this session and Sian always gets me to do fun and interesting poses for the girls! We even got the bride posing with me so her friends could draw us both.

Life Drawing is a fun an tasteful form of hen party entertainment, everybody always has fun and even though there might be some giggles and some blushing at first, everybody always has a goof time.



The Ring o Bells in Bath has a beautiful function room which is very spacious and private, perfect for a life drawing session. It also has some good downlighting which make for some interesting shadows on the body,


We even got the bride and her mum both modelling with me for one of the poses!

The girls had more activities planned for the day but life drawing is a perfect gentle day time activity, perfect for a Saturday morning hangover!

Bath has a lot to offer and is a perfect hen party destination.

Ben Lowrey



Bristol Hen Party Entertainment – Life Drawing

Today I was life modelling in Bristol for a hen party Life Drawing session!

I arrived at Central Chambers just as the group was arriving and I snuck in without anybody seeing! (It’s important for it to be a surprise for the bride! After all, that’s part of the fun of a hen party weekend)

We blind folded the bride and made her sit on a chair in the middle, once Beki gave me the signal I came out and stood infront of the bride in my dressing gown. (I think she probably guessed there was going to be a man in front of her!)

On this occasion I was working for GroovesandMoves.co.uk.

After she did her duty of removing my dressing gown, we proceed with the drawing exercises and some of the girls in the group did some great sketches!

Here is one by Lindsay


The group were from Wales and they had the usual fun feisty personality that we love about the Welsh! They had booked themselves a hotel for the weekend and had already explored Bristol the night before.

Bristol is a popular destination for hen parties because it offers so much. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, activities and sights to see.

The girls did invite me to join them in town that night but unfortunately I had already been booked to be a Buff Butler that evening at another hen party!

We got a nice group photo


Some of the girls did some fantastic sketches as you can see from the picture.

Ben Lowrey



Hen Party activity – Life Drawing session in Bath!

Hen Party Life Drawing - Bristol - Bath - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

This group of hens were a lot of fun. I was booked by Grooves and Moves to be a life model for this life drawing session on Saturday morning in Bath.

Beki was the Art Tutor on this occasion and she gave the hens lots of fun exercises to do.


The girls were hungover from the night before because they had been partying hard and playing lots of drinking games so we heard! But in true hen party style, the best way to get over a hang over is to start drinking again! They girls cracked open the bubbly and had a great time drawing some great sketches!

Beki had them drawing a range of different styles using different drawing techniques using char coal and pencil.

Hen Party Activity Life Drawing Bristol & Bath

As you can see from the photos the girls drew some fantastic sketches and we even had enough time to get the Bride to sit with me and pose for one of the sketches! (don’t tell the fiancé)

There was talk about the sketches being displayed at the wedding! Whether they will or not we may never find out.

It was great to meet this group of girls and I believe their next activity that day was to visit the Roman Baths and enjoy the luxury Spa.

Ben Lowrey

Life Drawing Model & Buff Butler