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Today I was life modelling in Bristol for a hen party Life Drawing session!

I arrived at Central Chambers justĀ as the group was arriving and I snuck in without anybody seeing! (It’s important for it to be a surprise for the bride! After all, that’s part of the fun of a hen party weekend)

We blind folded the bride and made her sit on a chair in the middle, once Beki gave me the signal I came out and stood infront of the bride in my dressing gown. (I think she probably guessed there was going to be a man in front of her!)

On this occasion I was working for GroovesandMoves.co.uk.

After she did her duty of removing my dressing gown, we proceed with the drawing exercises and some of the girls in the group did some great sketches!

Here is one by Lindsay


The group were from Wales and they had the usual fun feisty personality that we love about the Welsh! They had booked themselves a hotel for the weekend and had already explored Bristol the night before.

Bristol is a popular destination for hen parties because it offers so much. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, activities and sights to see.

The girls did invite me to join them in town that night but unfortunately I had already been booked to be a Buff Butler that evening at another hen party!

We got a nice group photo


Some of the girls did some fantastic sketches as you can see from the picture.

Ben Lowrey