Life Drawing Hen Party in St. Pauls – Bristol

Today I really enjoyed Life modeling at this hen party! 

The group had rented a weekend house in St. Paul’s Bristol. I was working for

Jackson Reece was the tutor today and he’d already been conducting the first hour before I got there.

The girls had some champaign flowing and a bowl full of sweets in the middle of the room 🙂 

One of the girls had already drawn me before at a different hen party last summer! (I get around) 

I noticed people were using charcoal and also pencils on this one. 

Here are some pictures. 

About Ben Lowrey

Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based fitness model, circus performer, personal trainer, handstand teacher, hen party buff butler, internet talkshow host, law of attraction enthusiast, fire spinner, stilt walker, internet marketer. More info >>
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