Hen Party Life Drawing entertainment in Batheaston nr. Bath

Wonderful Hen Party at a rented house called Skyfall in Batheaston near Bath.

It was a large newly refurbished country house, surrounded by countryside, with large extensions and barn conversions.

I arrived to deliver a 1 hour hen party naked life drawing session for a group of girls who were from all over the country.

The girls were very good at drawing and a few of them had studied art at college.

We did a range of different drawing exercises using charcoal. Everybody had a lot of fun.

The bride was a little embarrassed but she eventually got into the swing of things.

Her mum on the other hand was not shy!

Ben Lowrey



Hen Party Life Drawing in Cardiff – Male Model Art Class

These were the most delightful group of girls I’d ever met! They had all dressed as Minny Mouse for their friend’s hen party in Cardiff and had kept the weekend activities a secret from her so it would all be a surprise!

Hen Party activities and entertainment in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cotwolds, Swindon, Somerset, Cardiff. Buff Butler & Male Life Model for Hen Party Life Drawing sessions - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com - www.henpartyentertainment.co.uk
They’d travelled down from Brighton and checked into the Cardiff hotel before beginning the first activity of their weekend which was life drawing.

I have run hundreds of these events and so I knew what to expect and how to handle the girls! I was working for Madame Peaches on this occasion and we were using the Pole Twisters studio for the workshop.

Hen Party activities and entertainment in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cotwolds, Swindon, Somerset, Cardiff. Buff Butler & Male Life Model for Hen Party Life Drawing sessions - 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com - www.henpartyentertainment.co.uk

This was an hour session which gave the girls plenty of time to produce some fantastic sketches. They used charcoal and pencil and did a variety of different drawing exercises which warmed them up.

At the end of the session we got some nice photos of the group and they went on their way to their next activity.

Ben Lowrey

Hen Party Entertainment

Life Drawing Model & Buff Butler



Another great Hen Party Life Drawing session in Bath! 


This group of hens had hired a beautiful town house for their hen party weekend. The life drawing session was a complete surprise for the bride and she went bright red when I walked in!

I was working for Hens with Pens on this occasion and Penny had been warming the girls up with some portrates of each other. They were working mostly with charcoal but we did have pencils available if they wished.

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We were in a beautiful spacious living room in an imaculate town house house in central Bath which was split over several floors.

The girls had visited the Roman Baths that day and had other activities planned for the rest of the afternoon which were a secret surprise for the bride.

I gave them a range of poses over our one hour session and some of the girls drew some fantastic sketches. There was lots of giggling but the artistic talent was very high and some of the hens surprised themselves with their drawing abilities!

Hen Party activity Life Drawing

My favourite hen parties are when the group has rented a weekend house. Everybody is more relaxed and they can help themselves to drink and food any time they wish. Much nicer than a hotel function room!

Ben Lowrey



Life Drawing Model & Buff Butler for Hen Parties

Buff Butler Hen Party Entertainment – Bristol UK 

Today I was a Buff Bulter for a big group of hens at a vintage boutique cafe called Cox and Baloney in Bristol.

Cox and Baloney is a popular destination for hen parties, I’ve done life modeling there many times before.

They offer luxurious afternoon tea, cakes and home made cocktails. Their cocktails are made in house, from their own unique Teas, which are distilled into a syrup and then mixed with Alcohol.

The girls had a fabulous time and were very happy to have me waiting on them.

We played some games and I served their drinks before their taxis arrived to take them to their next arrangement.

If you would like to book me as a Buff Bulter or Life Drawing session contact me here www.about.me/benlowrey

Ben Lowrey




Hen Party Life Drawing Session in City of Bath UK 

This group of hens were from all over the country but had decided to come to Bath to celebrate their friend’s Hen Party Weekend.

Today I was working for Grooves and Moves Hen Party entertainment company. The bride Louise had studied art at college and she drew some very nice sketches!

The group finished by drawing a seperate Bodypart each with they later joined together.

Our Art Tutor Sian gave them excellent instructions on how to use the charcoal to get the best out of the session.

The hens enjoyed themselves.

If you would like to book life Drawing for your hen party weekend you can contact www.GroovesandMoves.co.uk

Ben Lowrey www.about.me/benlowrey

Hen Party Weekend Life Drawing in Bristol

Life drawing is great fun activity for Hen Parties! This weekend I was working for Grooves and Moves Life Modeling in Central Chambers bristol. We had a great group of girls who had traveled all the way from Scotland.

It’s always surprising how great the sketches are from people who think they can’t draw! Beki the tutor does a great job of being out the best from the girls.

Central Chanbers is a strip club in the centre of Bristol but it makes a great daytime location for activities succh as this.

Grooves and moves also facilitate Dance activities such as burlesque, pole, and Buff Butlers.

Thinking of having your hen party weekend in Bristol or Bath? Both are a great choice.

Ben Lowrey



Life Drawing Hen Party Entertainment! August 2015

This evening I life modelled for a group of hens who were spending their weekending in Bristol!

They did some fantastic sketches! A talented bunch. This booking came via Henswithpens.com

Check out this sketch Emma did

If you would like to book Buff Butler or Life Drawing for your hen party then get in touch

Ben Lowrey


Buff Butler in Bath! Another great Hen Party

Today I went and served cocktails for a group of Hens who were spending the weekend in Bath. I was working for butlerbookings.co.uk 

They had rented a beautiful town house and wanted some help with the fun and games before they went out on the town on Saturday night.

Naturally I introduced some good games which everybody enjoyed! I think if we had time we would have done some life drawing too perhaps!

It was only an hour booking which flew by, unfortunately I had to get back to Bristol for another hen party booking or else I would have staying longer for a few more games.

If you would like to book a Buff Butler for your hen party get in touch,

Ben Lowrey

Buff Butler for Hen Party in Bath

I had a blast with this group of hens in Bath! They had rented a town house in the city of Bath to celebrate their Hen Weekend. 

I was snuck into the house by the lead hen, a secret for the Bride. I waited upstairs whilst they finished their meal and when the time was right I was brought down and introduced to the bride. She went bright red and wouldn’t look at me for a whole minute! 

Eventually we started playing some drinking games, tested the bride with some quiz questions about her future husband, and we saw who could twerk the most ping pong balls out of a tissue box taped to their bum!

We had a great time and everybody was sad when it was time for me to go!

They did give me something to take away, a big piece of cake shaped like a bollock from their big penis cake! 

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Life Drawing Model for your hen party weekend, get in touch.




Life Drawing Hen Party in Bristol 29th May 2015

This afternoon I Life Modelled for a great Hen Party in Bristol for Hens with Pens! This group had travelled from Devon and conrwall to celebrate their hen weekend in Bristol.

It was a large group, around 20, they arrived with a cooler full of champaign and glasses to Wilder Street Studios in Stokes Croft.

The life drawing was a surprise to the bride Kate and also to most of the other hens too. I think they twigged once they saw a man enter the room in a dressing gown!

They all had a lot of fun and did some very nice sketches. They’re spending Friday and Saturday night in Bristol and had already been asked to leave a hotel for having an inflatable Willie in reception!

If you are organising a Hen Party Werkend and would like to book a Life Drawing Session or Buff Butler, please get in touch. 07747571426 benlowrey@me.com

Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucester, Swindon, Devon, Cardiff.