Buff Butler for Hen Party in Bath

I had a blast with this group of hens in Bath! They had rented a town house in the city of Bath to celebrate their Hen Weekend. 

I was snuck into the house by the lead hen, a secret for the Bride. I waited upstairs whilst they finished their meal and when the time was right I was brought down and introduced to the bride. She went bright red and wouldn’t look at me for a whole minute! 

Eventually we started playing some drinking games, tested the bride with some quiz questions about her future husband, and we saw who could twerk the most ping pong balls out of a tissue box taped to their bum!

We had a great time and everybody was sad when it was time for me to go!

They did give me something to take away, a big piece of cake shaped like a bollock from their big penis cake! 

If you would like to book a Buff Butler or Life Drawing Model for your hen party weekend, get in touch.




About Ben Lowrey

Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based fitness model, circus performer, personal trainer, handstand teacher, hen party buff butler, internet talkshow host, law of attraction enthusiast, fire spinner, stilt walker, internet marketer. More info >> about.me/benlowrey
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