Hen Party Life Drawing @ Cox & Baloney – Bristol – 21st March 2015

Today I was life modeling for a hen party at Cox and Baloney in Bristol!

I arrived early and text Penny (the tutor from www.henswithpens.com) to say I had arrived. I was to be a surprise for the group so I waited until the hen had left the room then I snuck in to get changed.

To my surprise … and to the surprise of the hen … she already recognised me because we had mutual friends and had been at a friend’s wedding together!

It was a very nice group from Trowbridge, they were friendly with lots of funny Banter, plus it was the evening and so te champaign had already started flowing!

I have them some unusual poses including standing up on te bar.

I had some very nice compliments including “That is the best bum I’ve ever seen in my life”.

There was a few cheeky comments about if I was available after to be a Buff Butler but I already had plans to do fire spinning in Bath! (Unfortunately, sorry girls)

I tried to do a headstand but there wasn’t enough space so I backed out of that Idea!

They did some really nice sketches with pencil and charcoal and the group was very happy!

Thanks guys!

Ben Lowrey




Life Drawing Hen Party weekend – Bristol

Being a nude male model is very popular at hen parties! Life drawing is a tasteful form of hen party entertainment which doesn’t make anybody feel uncomfortable yet is a lot of fun for all involved. 

Today I arrived at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft in the centre of Bristol to meet this hen party group.

Iris was the art tutor today supplied by www.henswithpens.com

This group were mostly from Bristol (which is unusual because people often stay in a deferent city for a hen weekend) luckily I didn’t know any of them!

They’d all started on the champaign before I got there so the mood was merry.

They were very modest but did some great life drawing sketches. They were working with pencil.

Life Drawing Hen Party in Bath 7th March 2015

Lovely hen party today!

The group had hired a beautiful period townhouse in the centre of Bath. It was a sunny day and I arrived early and Penny greated me at the front door.

I must say they were a very friendly bunch, the bride Pip was from Oxford but some of the hens had traveled from as far as London and Newcastle.

They were very complimentary and flattering today! I decided to make an extra effort so I did a handstand pose for them. 

Part of me wishes they had asked me to stay and be a Buff Butler for the remainder of their evening!

Here’s some pictures.

This booking was via Penny @ Henswithpens.com 

Ben Lowrey

Life Drawing Hen Party in St. Pauls – Bristol

Today I really enjoyed Life modeling at this hen party! 

The group had rented a weekend house in St. Paul’s Bristol. I was working for www.HenswithPens.com

Jackson Reece was the tutor today and he’d already been conducting the first hour before I got there.

The girls had some champaign flowing and a bowl full of sweets in the middle of the room 🙂 

One of the girls had already drawn me before at a different hen party last summer! (I get around) 

I noticed people were using charcoal and also pencils on this one. 

Here are some pictures.